Reusable Ice Packs, 2 Pack

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Ice, ice baby! Our 8oz Reusable Ice Packs are the coolest accessory for use in any insulated container! Our Reusable Ice Packs freeze SOLID, staying frozen longer than flexible ice packs and keeping your food and drinks cool and fresh for hours. They easily fit into insulated bottle bags, lunch bags and breast milk coolers and can also be used inside hard-sided coolers of any shape and size. When ice packs thaw, simply place back into freezer for use over and over again from the bottle stage to the sitting-at-a-baseball-field-for-hours-in-the-sun stage and everything in between! Our Reusable Ice Packs are food safe, non-toxic and durable. Always keep extras in the freezer so you’re ready to go any day, any time!

Item No. 0500-2

UPC: 052678205003

Product Size: 7”H x 4”W x 0.5”D; 8oz (each individual ice pack)

Materials: Food-Safe, Water-Based Gel

Product Care: Wash with cool water after every use. Avoid sharp objects which could puncture surface. Discard ice pack if surface is damaged or torn. Non-toxic. Keep in freezer prior to and between uses.

Adult use only.