5-IN-1 Diaper Bag Organizer

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Grab and go! Not ready to let go of your favorite purse, multi-purpose tote bag or ultra-functional backpack? Use our 5-IN-1 Diaper Bag Organizer to turn ANY bag into a well-organized diaper bag. Our diaper bag organization system features 5 pouches, each intentionally made a different size, material and pattern to help you quickly find the bag you’re looking for. In need of diapering supplies as you run into a public restroom? Just bring the Diapers + Wipes Bag instead of your entire diaper bag. A quick bite out? Bring the Feeding Essentials Bag instead of lugging your heavy diaper bag into the restaurant. The Personal Clutch is for your necessities, the Wet + Dry Bag is for a 2nd outfit (and the dirty 1st one!) and the drawstring Accessory Pouch is perfect for toys, safety supplies, or anything else your mama heart desires to bring along. Our 5-IN-1 organization system is convenient and versatile, just like you.

Item No. 2004GY-CHV (Grey Chevron)

UPC: 052678720049 (Grey Chevron)

Product Size:
Diapers + Wipes Bag: 8”W x 12”H x 2”D
Wet + Dry Bag: 10”W x 12”H
Feeding Essentials Bag: 8”W x 8”H x 1”D
Accessory Pouch: 10”W x 8”H
Personal Clutch: 9.5”W x 5.5”H x 1.5”D

Materials: Polyester and Polyethylene

Product Care: Wipe clean with mild soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly. Wet + Dry Bag can be machine washed in cool water and air dried.

Adult use only.

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