The Summer Season = Travel Season at J.L. Childress

As spring showers begin to dwindle and days full of sunshine & warmth become the norm, we welcome in summer with open arms and a get-up-and-go attitude here at J.L. Childress! We know summer season is a busy travel season for families and we want to help simplify traveling with babies and kids and all of their gear!

Check out our On-the-Go Tips for our “Travel Must Have” list as well as great tips and reminders for traveling with tots via plane, train, boat or car.

We have a wide selection of car seat and stroller travel bags available for whatever your need(s) might be.

Heading off to a tropical paradise and bringing along the car seat? Check out our Ultimate Car Seat Travel BagWheelie Car Seat Travel BagElite Car Seat Travel Bag and Gate Check Bag for Car Seats…with so many options, we’re confidant you’ll find the bag that fits your travel style and budget!

Bringing along your stroller for a theme park adventure? Our Standard & Dual Stroller Travel BagPadded Umbrella Stroller Travel BagGate Check Bag for Standard/Dual Strollersand Gate Check Bag for Umbrella Strollers are all terrific options!

Don’t forget to check out our Compatibility Charts to make sure your car seat or stroller will fit in the bag(s) you’ve chosen.

If you’re finding that your car seat or stroller won’t fit in any of our bags, don’t worry! Just give us a call at 800-720-5031 and we can make a custom bag to fit your exact car seat or stroller!

We really have all of YOUR bases covered!

Wherever you’re heading to this summer, J.L. Childress products are available to help simplify traveling with infants and toddlers. Travel happy with J.L. Childress!