Summer Travel Tips from Sarah!

Anyone heading on vacation this summer with little minions in tow?! ????

My husband and I recently went to Hawaii with our 8 month old and before we departed, I checked-in with all of my frequent traveling friends for some travel tips. I wanted to hear anything and everything that would help my husband and I keep our sanity while on a 5 hour flight with an 8 month old who just started crawling & climbing…eek!

As far as our gear was concerned, I of course had that 110% covered with J.L. Childress products!

Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag to check our infant carrier as luggage…CHECK!

Gate Check Bag for Standard & Double Strollers to gate check our stroller…CHECK!

I also used our Standard & Dual Stroller Travel Bag to check the rest of the gear I just HAD to bring with us.

My husband thought I was nuts at first for bringing so much extra gear, but LOVED me when he realized how important it was to have our “stuff” for the baby to make the hotel room feel like home.

Here’s a quick review of things that went well and things that didn’t go so well. ????

Hopefully these will be helpful for your next family adventure!

– The GOOD Stuff: Nursing during take off & landing, lots of snacks for the flight, a couple non-noisy new toys, baby carrier for the flight to walk up & down the aisles, outdoor blanket for airport pre-flight & beach/grass, bringing our own car seat and stroller so the baby was in something familiar, buying food for the baby upon arrival AND food for us to cook at the hotel (MUCH easier than eating out every night!) and finally, renting our crib & high chair to be set-up in our room upon arrival.

– The NOT-SO-GOOD Stuff: The time change…ick! 3 hours did a number on my little boys sleep schedule. Not sure if this can be avoided, but be wary of any time changes on your next trip & try to plan accordingly. Teething…make sure to have lots of teethers in tow if your little one could be teething on your trip, and Tylenol/pain reliever of choice to help out your little one if needed.

Bon voyage! Happy travels!