Happy New Year from JL Childress!

The holidays are over (thank goodness!).

Holiday travels are over (double thank goodness!).

It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief as our nights and weekends become free from jingle bells, tipsy family members and general holiday stress.

And at J. L. Childress, it’s time for our team to reflect on holiday family travel…what worked and what didn’t work, and for what didn’t work, how can we help to make next year better for families on-the-go?

This past holiday season, our Facebook & Instagram feeds were FULL of pictures from friends traveling all over the world with their little ones…from Germany to Singapore, Florida to Australia, New York to Italy. Whether visiting family or taking a much-needed vacation, parents are traveling more with their babies & kids as our world becomes more global every year.

Parents are also incorporating their children into their “pre-baby” lifestyles more as they’re not willing to give up a jet-setter lifestyle.

Traveling itself is challenging – traveling with kids is difficult – traveling with babies is downright stressful. At J. L. Childress we understand that stress and push ourselves to come up with products and travel tips to help make traveling with baby a bit less stressful.

At J.L. Childress, our minds are always in the world of “on-the-go with baby” but as we begin 2014, our minds are especially focused on “traveling with baby” as we’re new members of the Travel Goods Association. Some of our most popular products are true travel items and we couldn’t be more excited to venture into this new industry.

Happy New Year & Travel Happy,

Team JLC