Road Trip! (Car Travel)

Start with our travel “must have” list above for a great check list of what to bring and add a few more car-specific items:
• Car organizer for storing & organizing toys, food, drinks etc. within easy reach for your kids
• Portable bottle warmer if you need to feed while in the car
• Potty seat (along with seat protectors, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, wipes, trash bag, etc) if your child isn’t potty trained yet
• Ziploc bags and paper towels – lots of ’em!

Road Trip TIPS

Be prepared with a variety of travel tunes, movies (portable DVD players), handheld games, etc to help keep little ones entertained along the way. Don’t forget fun car games everyone can play together too such as “I Spy.”

Pack more snacks then you think you’ll need – you can’t always stop on the side of the road for something if you’re driving in “the middle of nowhere.” Check out our 6 Bottle Cooler, MaxiCOOL and Tall TwoCOOL as great, insulated options for drinks and snacks. You’ll probably need a few Reusable Ice Packs too!

“Reward” good behavior…as hours or miles pass, reward good behavior with snacks, new toys or games to keep kids happy.