Ready to Set Sail! (Cruise Ship Travel)

For Cruise Ship Travel, start off with our travel “must have” list and then make sure to take into consideration these cruise-specific travel tips! Ahoy Mates!

Most cruise ships have cribs for infants and should actually stock your room with whole milk if you ask – so ask in advance.

Before you get on the ship, the porter will take all of your bags…make sure to keep your diaper bag and stroller & whatever you’ll need for the next few hours, but give him everything else to make check in & security easier and faster. Remember that you will have to carry all items you don’t give to the porter until your room is ready…which can sometimes be hours. We recommend keeping your stroller with you because sometimes you can’t get into your room until after a much-needed nap. Consider one of our stroller organizers to minimize the number of items you need to carry in your diaper bag but still allows you to keep needed supplies close by.

In your stateroom, change the desk or one of the tables into a changing table. Use extra towels along with our Full Body Changing Pad to soften the area and set up wipes, diapers, and crèmes. Bring a night light so there is always an easily available light.

For day trips off the boat with your stroller, we recommend a stroller organizer with LOTS of storage space, such as our Cups ‘N Cargo or even an insulated option such as our Cups ‘N Cool Deluxe Stroller Console or Cool ‘N Cargo Stroller Cooler to keep food & drinks cool. All of these organizers have multiple compartments for food, bottles, snacks, your camera, a change of baby/toddler clothes, diapers, and toys.

When getting off the ship, your luggage has to be packed and ready to go the night before. Be sure to store your car seat in the Gate Check Bag for Car Seats or Wheelie Car Seat Travel Bag to stay clean and protected (fyi the Gate Check Bag will be easiest to find amongst all the luggage!). Be sure to keep your diaper bag, a change of baby/toddler clothes and your stroller with you. You will be standing in lines for a very long time (and the stroller allows you to take the elevator down which moves you up the line faster!).